R&D Mechanical Design Engineer

What we’re looking for:
WTC is looking for an imaginative, talented, and detail oriented Mechanical Design Engineer with 2 years or more of industry experience and an engineering degree. You will be in Research and Development at Wyatt Technology, providing research, develop, and design of solutions and systems alongside a team which includes electrical and software engineers, physicists, and chemists. You will be designing mechanical components, systems, and enclosures for functional operation of advanced optical systems. You will be performing prototype assembly and verification of optical/mechanical systems, and when your designs are moving from development and into production you will provide consulting, mentoring, and guidance to production and system integration staff.

Ideally you will have experience with tightly toleranced mechanical assemblies, how to make them adjustable, and how to lock them down after adjustment (e.g. for shipment around the world). You will also be able to design sheet metal chassis and brackets, and you won’t be intimidated by injection molded parts. You will know the pain and the heartache of working with designs where the tolerance stackup was not considered with sufficient care, you’ll find joy in a well crafted requirements doc, and you’ll relish keeping the CAD models current. In addition to working on new designs, you will also be performing tasks associated with maintaining or improving existing designs, and for periods of time that kind of work will be most of what you do day to day. Having been in industry for a few years, you’ll know that in addition to imaginative design work, a fair portion of almost any MechE job involves: creating 2D prints from 3D models; working with shops and suppliers to have parts made; creating and maintaining BOMs; managing change orders; doing what it takes to hit a schedule; working with people on the Mfg floor to make sure they have what they need in order to make product; and fostering good communications, cooperation, and working relationships with the entire team in R&D, Mfg, Purchasing, QA, and Management. You will have a passion for designing great things, and you will enjoy working with clever people with a similar passion.

About us:
Wyatt Technology is the world leader in the development and commercialization of light scattering instruments. Wyatt instruments are used in the development of life changing pharmaceuticals, Nobel Prize winning research, development and QC release of vaccine products, nanoparticle characterization, organic polymer studies, and much, much more. We make a difference in the world.

A few of the perks

You will be working alongside a great team of engineers, chemists, physicists, and researchers on tools with a direct and positive impact in the world. You also get:

  • A competitive salary and benefits, including medical, dental, long/short term disability, 401k, life insurance, and added employee incentive program.
  • The ability to work on scientific instruments which are workhorses in the lab
  • The ability to work on scientific instruments which are at the cutting (sometimes the bleeding) edge of what is possible.
  • The trust and freedom to build amazing things, without an army of corporate overlords dictating technology choices.
  • The convenience, weather, and lifestyle of Santa Barbara, CA.

And in case you didn’t know …

We make the best light scattering instruments anywhere.

We are consistently rated one of the best places to work for scientists and researchers.

We are a dog-friendly work place.